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By William Shakespeare
Directed by Andrea Gunoe
A when shouldn't you use credit cards Department of Theatre and Media Arts student directing project

Credit Cards - Dos And Don'ts Of Using Credit Cards Wisely
. the right way. Learn the way to use - and not to use - your credit card. . Items like food, clothing, and gas shouldn't be purchased with a credit card. Using your credit . Use your credit card to buy things you can't afford. Living a borrowed .

The Comedy of Errors (6:00 PM)
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6:00 PM
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Margetts Theatre-Harris Fine Arts Center

7 Times You Shouldn't Use Your Credit Card
Before you make a credit card purchase, do you question whether it's a good idea to swipe? Just because your credit card issuer gave you access to a credit line .

  • Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Debit and Credit Cards
    12 hours ago . HOUSTON - Skimming is nothing new. Anyone can go online and buy skimming devices that capture your credit card information.

  • 15 times when you shouldn't use your credit card
    Oct 4, 2010 . There are plenty of reasons to use a credit card -- convenience, accountability and safety among them -- but when is it better just to step away .

  • 5 Situations Where You Shouldn't Use A Debit Card - The Consumerist
    Apr 12, 2012 . 5 Situations Where You Shouldn't Use A Debit Card. By Maggie . If you have a good cash-back or rewards credit card, use that instead.

  • Why You Probably Shouldn't Use A Credit Card To Pay Your Taxes ...
    Feb 21, 2012 . As the deadline for filing your federal tax return draws near, so does the anxiety of how you're going to pay Uncle Sam the money you owe.

  • Avoiding Credit Card Debt |
    Learn how to use credit cards wisely so that you don't get buriedin credit card debt. . Use these guidelines to determine what you should and shouldn't charge: .

  • My Ten Sense: When to use credit cards and charge cards - CNN ...
    Apr 14, 2012 . In fact, if you don't have an emergency fund, you shouldn't even have a credit card because you will be tempted to use it and you won't have .

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