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By William Shakespeare
Directed by Andrea Gunoe
A where to find mortgage notes Department of Theatre and Media Arts student directing project

Where's the Note? | Demand to see your mortgage note.
It is your legal right to demand to see your original, signed mortgage note. It is illegal for banks to negatively report to your credit file during the 60 day period .

Where's the Note? | Demand to see your mortgage note
The Wall Street banks' foreclosure system is a mess. Their total disregard for mortgage laws and standards is what created the foreclosure epidemic in the first .

The Comedy of Errors (6:00 PM)
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6:00 PM
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Margetts Theatre-Harris Fine Arts Center

What exactly is a Mortgage Note, what does a mortgage note look ...
Is a "mortgage note" the same thing as your mortgage bill that comes every month....which shows the . Where do I find mortgage notes?

  • Where do you find mortgage notes for sale
    How to find mortgage notes online or else where? Check with the Register of Deeds in the county you are looking to find mortgage notes in. These are recorded .

  • Bank Foreclosure Fraud "WHAT DOES A MORTGAGE NOTE LOOK ...
    Feb 9, 2010 . This is where it all starts...Make sure if your Note is signed that it is your Signature and not FORGED. If it is presented in court...Do not touch the .

  • Who Owns Your Mortgage? "Produce The Note" Movement Helps ...
    Sep 22, 2009 . Modern-day home mortgages have been so sliced and diced by . the simple tactic of demanding that banks produce the original mortgage note, . mindset and quasi-monopolistic system where financial institutions have .

  • How to Buy & Sell Mortgage Notes |
    The most common way to buy and sell mortgage notes is through a mortgage note broker -- an individual licensed for the state where you are buying and selling .

  • Mortgage note - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In the United States a mortgage note (also known as a real estate lien note) is a promissory note associated with a specified mortgage loan; it is a written .

  • The Left Coaster: Where is the Mortgage Note?
    Nov 4, 2010 . In the face of mounting evidence that the banks foreclosing on homes did not comply with legal requirements during securitization of mortgages .

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